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Pro Audio Service, Lakeville Minnesota.


Scott Cummings 952-240-2608.


Shop hours Monday / Wednesday / Friday 9am - 5pm (Closed Tuesday, Thursday and weekends)


Shop rates have increased again because of extremely high inflation costs.


$150 for the first hour

$75.00 each additional hour

$50 minimum charge on all repairs.

$250 minimum charge on all out of shop service calls. (Due to the Wuhan Flu epidemic - Service calls have been suspended until further notice.)   

Minimum charges are nonrefundable. 


New official Google business mailing address. (Google is satan)


Pro Audio Service

3220 West CR42

Burnsville, MN 55337


Shop is still located in Lakeville.  


Please call for details on where to drop off and pickup gear. 


Cash, Pay Pal and Venmo shop. No credit cards or personal checks excepted. 





Pro Audio Service provides repair service on select tape machines, recording studio and live sound gear. 40 years experience. 
Specializing in open Reel to Reel tape decks. Ampex, MCI, Studer, Revox , Sony, Otari, Fostex, Tascam, Teac, Sansui, AKAI, Roberts, Crown and Pioneer.
I also work on all mixing consoles, Digital and Analog.
Rack gear including Mic Pre's, EQ's, Compressors, Limiters, Power amps and FX's. I also restore and repair Guitar amps, Bass amps.
At this time I do not do any warranty repairs but Pro Audio Service is listed as a preferred independent service center for APIOrange, A/DA. 
I also work on old stereo equipment from the 60's through the early 80's including Pioneer, Kenwood, Sherwood, Sansui, Carver, Phase Linear, Marantz and many more. One note about the stereo equipment repair. The older equipment is either tube or discrete transistor designs. I do NOT work on any of the newer (mid 80's and newer) integrated circuit models. No exceptions. Most of the newer chain store stereo equipment is very cheaply made and not fixable. I also DO NOT work on any wooden console stereo's .
New rule for 2020. I no longer work on any Chinese made equipment. Lack of parts, schematics and overall crappy designs and assembly techniques.   
Having been a professional bass guitar musician for many years, my experience in fixing bass guitar amplifiers and cabinets is extensive. Ampeg, GK, Eden, Peavey, Ashdown, Hartke, Sunn and Acoustic to name a few are my specialty. 
My client list is very extensive and includes dozens of live sound companies (Fette Productions, Windy Shores, Gemini Productions, AVI, Festival Sound, Allied Audio) and hundreds of recording studio's (Paisley Park, The Pearl, Fuzzy Slippers, The Hide Away, CD Underbelly, Winterland) Many radio / TV stations (WCCO, KSTP, KQRS) churches (Celebration, St Marks, Speak the Word, St Andrews, All Saints) many local schools and universities (Edina HS, Hopkins HS, University of Minnesota, Carlton College, St Olaf College, Mankato State, Gustavus University, Northwestern College, UW River Falls, Iowa State) Most of the major music schools in Minneapolis/St Paul area (IPR, McNally Smith, HCTC, MCTC). And also the Orpheum Theater and State Theater, Childrens Theater and the Guthrie Theaters.
Pro Audio Service is proud to supply repair services for these local music stores.
Music Go Round - Burnsville, Roseville MN 
Lavonne Wagner Music - Savage MN 
Music Mart - Faribault MN 

NOTE - I do not advise dropping off repiars at any of these businesses. Repairs should be brought directly to the shop in Lakeville, MN.

Equipment drop off and pickup is by appointment only...... so please give me a call or an Email.
I no longer will travel to the cities of Minneapolis or St Paul (this is a permenant business decision).  
All equipment has to be brought to me.  


Our Hours
Monday, Wednesday, Friday

9:00am - 5pm

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday





 Licensed Minnesota PLT Electrician. Factory trained Roland, Yamaha, Sony, MCI, Tascam audio service technician.

 "Pro Audio Service" is a registered and trademarked name in the state of Minnesota.

 I'm not associated with  "Jim Sawyer professional audio service". As stated.....Pro Audio Service is a registered and trade marked name in the State of Minnesota. 


Just a quick note about me and my shop.
I do not use Facebook, Twitter, My Space, Instagram, Tik Tok, Whats App or Messanger.....either for business, or pleasure. Children play with these socially destructive toys. They are a waste of time.
I prefer live "person to person" contact whenever possible. Stop by or give me a call!  There is always a beer in the frig. 
A word about other techs in town. About 20 years ago I got a call from a new tech that had moved into town from New York. We will call him "The Bolshivek". He stated I was not charging enough money for my services, and in turn I was making it hard for him to get his new shop going in St Paul. I laughed. What a true narcissist. Several weeks later I thought I would give him a return call. To my amusement......his answering machine message stated I had to leave a  credit card number for him to call me back. OMFG.....this guy is a true asshat to boot. Later I found out he belongs to the American Socialist political party, and was very proud of it. Yuck......what a dusche. Needless to say........we don't hang out. I also avoid his students. Yes.... thats you Peter, Wes and Logan. All egotistical asshats. Just like the Bolshivek. (Mr Calder would agree)
Customers to avoid.........several years ago a costumer of mine dropped off an EV PL20 mic for repair. We will call this guy "The Downer". He had at first asked me if I would meet him up in St Paul so he could give me the mic. I declined. Mic repairs only yield minimal profit. The gas and time to drive up there would mean I'm paying him to do the repair. After stating he was sending his son....then his girlfriend to drop it off. He finally mailed it to me. A week later I looked at the mic. Could not find anything wrong. He then stopped by and paid the minimum fee of $25.00 for looking it over (I don't work for free). Later that week he started harrassing me. Claimed he wanted the $25 back and even resorted to threatening me. He placed an add on Craigslist and slandered me. This guy was fricken nuts. I ignored him.......what a duschebag. Lesson learned. If your not willing to come to my shop......and ask me to meet you get nothing.......not even a goodbye. So Gary "The Downer". If we ever run into each other again......I have some words for you. And it will not be pleasant.    
Thankfully, most of the other techs in town are nice guys, and many are good friends. As are 99% of my customers.
I know, this has to be the worst website ever put up. But to tell you the truth, I don't really care. So stop over for a beer and a chat. Peace my friend.