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Pro Audio Service provides repair service on most Reel 2 Reel tape machines, Roland Space Echo's and Echoplex's, Digital audio tape decks, Select Cassette decks, recording studio and live sound gear, and select home audio components. Please call or email to find out if I can help you out.
42 years experience. 
Specializing in open Reel to Reel tape decks. Ampex, MCI, Studer, Revox , Sony, Otari, Fostex, Tascam, Teac, Sansui, AKAI, Roberts, Crown and Pioneer.
I also work on older stereo equipment from the 60's through the early 80's including Pioneer, Kenwood, Sherwood, Sansui, Carver, Phase Linear, Marantz and many more.
One note about the stereo equipment repair. The older equipment is either tube or discrete transistor designs.







I do NOT work on any of the newer (mid 80's and newer) integrated circuit models. No exceptions. Most of the newer chain store stereo equipment is very cheaply made and not fixable. I also DO NOT work on any wooden console stereo's .
All equipment has to be brought to me. I do not except shippments of equipment for reasons of tax law, and damage of equipment. All eqipment shipped to me will be refused. 

Shop hours Monday and Wednesday 9am - 5pm (Closed Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and weekends)


Equipment drop off and pickup is by appointment only...... so please give me a call or an Email.
I no longer do onsight service calls to the cities of Minneapolis or St Paul. This is a permenant business decision.




$150 for the first hour

$75 for each additional hour

$50 minimum charge on all repairs.

$250 minimum charge on all out of shop service calls.  

Minimum charges are nonrefundable. 



New location - Please ask for the new address.


Cash, Pay Pal and Venmo shop. No credit cards or personal checks excepted.


Equipment drop off and pickup is by appointment only...... so please give me a call or an Email. 



January 1st 2024 will be the start of my semi-retirement. And I will be closed on Fridays.

After 42 years and about 50 thousand individual repairs....its time to move on. 


Our Hours
Monday and Wednesday

9:00am - 5pm

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Closed to customers

Saturday and Sunday



 Licensed Minnesota PLT Electrician. Factory trained Roland, Yamaha, Sony, MCI, Tascam audio service technician.

 "Pro Audio Service" is a registered and trademarked name in the state of Minnesota.


I know, this has to be the worst website ever put up. But to tell you the truth, I don't really care. So stop over for a beer and a chat. Peace my friend.